The Hung Riders Data: 09-05-2016
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Legend has it one way, but Catalina knows the real story on how the West was won. Long, hot, grueling days, and nights that cool the savage animal. With men as hung as their hores fighting for truth, gold, and each other. The Hung Riders are riding tonight, as as they burn through the wild frontiers the smells of men and of sex permeate the land. It's a sight to behold, a feeling like no other. You will feel them inside of you, like you were there, a part of history. As they ride off into the sunset, remember one thing. The Hung Riders have paved their way through history indulging in a prosperous life, not of gold, but in the way that really won the West: SEX!

Lançamento: 1994
Qualidade Imagem: Baixa
Cenas: 05
Duração: 1:22:00