Navy Blues Deeper in the Brig Data: 05-07-2018

Centaur's exclusive topman, superstar Brock Masters, leads an all-star cast of 14 handsome, endowed young men, including 7 hot newcomers to porn, in 7 awesomely filmed scenes comprising more than 2 hours of rigorous hot gay male sex in Director Chip Daniels' latest release, "Navy Blues: Deeper In The Brig." Our story centers around five lithe young Navy seaman, embarking on a thrilling shore leave, and their incarceration into a U.S. Navy Brig, where a very commanding Brock Masters brings his muscular, chiseled body, and enormously long and thick cock to prominent play in the role of Marine Lt. Ford, Brig Commander.

Lançamento: 2003
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 10
Duração: 2:34:00