Friendly Fire 4 Dan Outmanned Data: 02-08-2018

It’s 3 against 1 when tough and cocky Dan goes up against Randy, Tim and Evan in four hot encounters of anal army action! Dan wins the first bout against the less experienced Randy and takes the newbie’s ass as a trophy, but he’ll have a much tougher time asserting his dominance over fellow veteran fuckers Tim and Evan. Then, Randy comes back for revenge and gets alpha male Dan ass-up for a rough pounding payback. It may be Randy’s first time topping but he more than proves himself, as Dan’s ass can attest! Plus, don’t miss the debut solo of hairy-chested new recruit, Travis!


Lançamento: 2015
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 03
Duração: 1:36:00