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French Farmers 10-02-2019
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Loosely based on the late nineteenth century gay German photographer Wilhelm Von Gloeden, this latest release from Liquid London transports you back to a time when sex between young peasants was an expected way of life before marriage.
Von Gloeden captures the erotic passions of his many employees; chimney sweeps, farm boys and shepherds are transformed through his photographic lens in Greek Gods.
Starting in 1919 with the return of Von Gloeden to his beloved studio, left in a hurry before the war,the film follows the poetic reminiscence of a man devoted to male beauty.
Gamins d'Auvergne re-awakens a bygone time of blissful innocence with total frankness.

Lançamento: 2006
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 07
Duração: 1:37:00

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