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Deluge Data: 21-09-2018

It's a Deluge, a tropical downpour of rain and hot bronzed Brazilian boys coming down all at once. The heat of the Brazilian jungle lures out the most animalistic passions in everyone, the primal urges that linger deep in the loins of the young men who come to play for the day. A soccer game is abruptly ended when Regis Rodrigues, with his bronze skin and surfer-dude hair style, kicks a foul ball deep into the surrounding jungle. The game breaks up as the boys pace through the trees looking for the ball, but all they find is raw primal sex beneath the forest canopy. As the rain starts to come down, the steam rises from their hot bodies that just can't be cooled off!

Lançamento: 2006
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 04
Duração: 1:42:00

Tema: By: Sexo(s): Trio Etnias(s): BrasileirosLatinos