Military Muscle Data: 06-01-2018

Trained to survive using only their bare bodies as a weapon... Eight naked men are going to war-- at least for the weekend-- and the world's toughest drill seargent has just two days to whip them into a fighting unit. When marching and calethenics don't work, the weekend warriors move into the field with paintball weapons and then naked hand-to-hand combat. Anything goes as these great looking nude hunks stalk, trap and battle each other in the wilderness with the losers tied up naked at the stake. A great military fantasy for everyone who loves men in, and out of uniform!

Time 1:19:00

Lançamento: 1997
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 09

Tema: By: Estilo(s): Musculosos Uniformes(s): Militares