Jungle Cruisers 1 Data: 07-10-2017
source: promotional material Set in the midst of the concrete jungle of Rio de Janeiro lies a real jungle -- wilder, hotter and steamier than any tropical forest on the planet. It is Tijucia National Park, and Alexander Pictures latest quadruple-X porn flick, Jungle Cruisers exposes what really goes on in this green oasis of sex and nature! We are warned at the beginning of the film that there are frequent police controls in Tijucia National Park. If the police guards are as sexually curious and uninhibited as porn superstar Bruno Loronha eventually becums, the impromptu orgies will go on for millenia to cum!
Lançamento: 2006
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 05

Tema: Sexo: Inter Estilo(s): Dotados Uniformes(s): Policiais Locais(s): Arlivre