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Revenge of the Dragon 1 Data: 14-09-2018

Charismatic Luciano Endino newest found exclusive and brother look-a-like Soto Donovan exercising their man rods made of iron. Real man-to-man action takes place inside a lockerroom, combining masculine opponents energy with craving desires of total penetration. It's forbidden to happen, intensity & heated resistance twists during demonstrations of ripped fitness conditioned students & an unapproachable instructor. Proven director Borbely once again selects his spectacular men, & releases a sea of chi. View masculine front kicks... muscular leg locks... & some hairy real men vs. real men attack pinpointed areas with enlarged shafted weapons! Epitomy of victory achieved!

Lançamento: 2002
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 04
Duração: 1:33:00