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Grunts Brothers in Arms 23-04-2019

Army GRUNTS have always been guinea pigs. For years the top brass has used enlisted soldiers for medical experiments in efforts to advance military science. GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms is the real story behind the development of the Gay Bomb--a true story taken straight from the front page of the New York Times! It is also the story of two twin brothers--played by RSS superstar Steve Cruz and European heartthrob Orlando Toro. The Ramirez brothers are mirror images of one another--each a blistering hot stud who gets off on having sex

Lançamento: 2007
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 06
Duração: 3:31:00

Tema: Militares
Aaron Summers
Antonio Biaggi
Billy Berlin
Jake Deckard
Luke Hass
Orlando Toro
R.J. Danvers
Ricky Sinz
Roman Ragazzi
Steve Cruz
Trey Casteel
Victor Steele