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Blowing The Competition 19-12-2017
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Why blow the competition away, when you could just blow ‘em instead?! Ten cocky jocks square off on the mat and on the mattress, in five sports-themed scenes where everyone’s a winner! Rowdy, sweaty bros Mark Long and Brandon Moore are covered in filth when they return from their outdoor soccer match, so Brandon makes them both strip down before stepping foot indoors - but is that the real reason he wanted Mark bare-ass naked? A bit of roughhousing in the pool between swimming buds Alex Greene and Rob Ryder turns the boys on more than they expect as skin meets skin in their wet and wild encounter. Jaxton and Chris interrupt their wrestling match for a different kind of battle for dominance, and baseball teammates Joey and Andy undress in the locker room after a game, not knowing that each one has the hots for the other. Plus, golfing pals Connor and Brandon get together for some pre-game chat and Brandon sets his sights on driving deep into Connor’s hole-in-one. When the cum flies, there’s only one thing left to say - “he shoots, he scores!” A Next Door Buddies anthology.

Lançamento: 2015
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 05

Blowing The Competition CoverBlowing The Competition Cover
Tema: Sexo
Alexander Greene
Andy Banks
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Moore
Chris Noxxx
Connor Maguire
Jaxton Wheeler
Joey Rico (10s)
Mark Long (ndm)
Rob Ryder (us)